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acco: Active collections

This library is intended to provide "active" collections or other "active" containers.

Normally, looking up an entry in a collection such as a BTreeMap means comparing a given key Q against the keys K stored in the collection, with, under the distinction between "code" and "data", all the keys being "data" and all the "code" that determines whether Q matches a key in K being in the comparison predicate.

The main way in which the "active" collections provided by this library are "active" is having "active keys", meaning that each key in K is itself a predicate (a function returning true or false) that decides whether Q matches it — the keys are "code" rather than "data".

This library might also provide "active" containers besides collections — types such as the standard library's Rc and Arc — if it seems justified.


The name acco is an abbreviation of "active collections" or "active containers".

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