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app ac-library-rs-expander

ac-library-rs snippets expander for cargo-compete

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0.1.0 Nov 2, 2020

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ac-library-rs expander for cargo-compete

What's this

A wrapper of ac-library-rs/expand.py, which is script to append required modules to your submition code. For user of cargo-compete, great competitive programing helper, this expander were made.


Install from Cargo and build

cargo install ac-library-rs-expander

If ac-library-rs is not in local, please clone it from GitHub.

git clone https://github.com/rust-lang-ja/ac-library-rs.git

To determine path to ac-library-rs, please set an environment variable $AC_LIBRARY_RS_HOME

export AC_LIBRARY_RS_HOME=path/to/ac-library-rs


In your cargo-compete contest workspace,

exl -t a modint

Flags and Options

  • --all, -a -> append all modules
  • -d, --doc-hidden -> whether remove commet lines or empty lines
  • -h, --help
  • -V, --version
  • -t, --target-file-name { i.e. "a" } -> id of problem

Available args for Module name

These are cAsE-InsEnsItIvE

Convolution, FenwickTree, Dsu, LazySegTree, Math, MaxFlow, MincostFlow, ModInt, Scc, SegFree, String, Twosat,


~85K SLoC