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Abstract name service traits for use with futures (and tokio)

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Abstract Name Service

Status: Beta

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This rust crate provides just abstract traits which may be used to build interoperable implementations of name dicovery.

We want abstract_ns to have implementations not only for DNS-based name discovery but also Zookeeper, Eureka, Etcd, Consul, and whatever other thing you might imagine. All of them easily configured and interchangeable.


  • Defines what is a name and what is a result of service discovery
  • Uses futures-rs for asynchronous stuff
  • Has interface to receive updates (name changes)
  • Allows some kind of name service routing, i.e. has a way to specify different resolvers for different names, for example: serve *.consul from local consul, other names from conventional DNS servers.

This repository also contains the following crates:

  • ns-std-threaded a name resolution implementation that uses stdlib resolver running in a thread pool
  • ns-dns-tokio an pure-rust implementation that uses domain crate to resolve domains asynchronously in tokio-core main loop

Note: abstract-ns v0.2 is very different product than v0.1


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