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SDK for Citadel, a ZK-based SSI system integrated in Dusk Network

2 releases

0.1.1 Dec 1, 2023
0.1.0 Dec 1, 2023

MPL-2.0 license


Moat: The Citadel SDK

CI Repository

Moat (a.k.a. the Citadel SDK) contains all the required tools for using and implementing self-sovereign identity systems using the Citadel protocol integrated into the Dusk Blockchain.


Moat requires a reachable Rusk node installed and running, or selecting a trusted one. You can set up a node as explained here. It also requires an installed wallet connected to the given Rusk node, as explained here.

Testing the environment

You can test if the environment you set up and the library are working properly by specifying the testing Rusk node address in integration-tests/config.toml, and executing the following (note that the wallet needs to use password as password for the tests to succeed):

cargo t --release --features="exp_tests" -- --test-threads=1
cargo t --release --features="int_tests" -- --test-threads=1

Moat CLI

The moat-cli utility can be used from the POV of any of the parties involved in the Citadel protocol, let them be:

  • User: A party requesting licenses onchain to LPs, and being able to use the licenses onchain as well.
  • License Provider (LP): A party receiving onchain requests from users to issue licenses onchain addressed to them.
  • Service Provider (SP): A party receiving offchain requests from users to grant services.

To use the CLI, you should specify the Rusk node address in moat-cli/config.toml. Then, you can execute the CLI for any of the involved parties as follows.


Users can request licenses and use them. To run the user CLI, simply run:

cargo r --release --bin moat-cli-user -- --wallet-pass <PASSWORD>

License Provider

LPs can scan the Blockchain for requests and issue licenses if the requests are valid. To run the LP CLI, simply run:

cargo r --release --bin moat-cli-lp -- --wallet-pass <PASSWORD>

Service Provider

SPs can get requests from users to grant their services, and accept or deny them by checking if the session cookies provided by the users are valid. To run the SP CLI, simply run:

cargo r --release --bin moat-cli-sp -- --wallet-pass <PASSWORD>

Moat API

An API meant for developers willing to integrate Citadel in their code is available here. You can find an example on how to use the API into moat-example.


~1.5M SLoC