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Ziyy - Convenient Terminal Output Styler.

Style your Terminal output using easy to remember Tags. For example to make your output bold, put [b] before the rest of your String to make it bold. The General Syntax is:

"[`a tag`]some text...[`another tag`]some more text..."

The Tags are in pairs and each pair behave like an on-off switch. For a Tag with name TAG, [TAG] is the on switch and [/TAG] is the off switch. The only exception is the [/0] that switches off all tags.


The following is a table of all supported tags,

Tag Description
[c:'color'] Color the preceding text using color.
[/c] Reset color.
[x:'color'] Color the background preceding text. using color
[/x] Reset Background color.
[b] Embolden preceding text.
[/b] Remove boldness.
[i] Italicize preceding text.
[/i] Remove italics.
[u] Underline preceding text.
[/u] Remove underline.
[s] Strike through preceding text.
[/s] Remove strike.
[/0] Remove all styling.

Valid Colors

These are the current valid colors for both text and background:

Color Description
black Terminal's default black color.
red Terminal's default red color.
green Terminal's default green color.
yellow Terminal's default yellow color.
blue Terminal's default blue color.
magenta Terminal's default magenta color.
cyan Terminal's default cyan color.
white Terminal's default white color.
rgb(#, #, #) RGB color. # represents a Number within the Range 0 - 255

A new color will overwrite the previous color

No runtime deps