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Survival/strategy game with ascii-art graphics

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0.1.0 Aug 11, 2019

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  • What Is This? z-buffer-game is a survival/strategy game with ascii-art graphics. It is built using [[https://www.rust-lang.org/][Rust language]], [[https://github.com/tomassedovic/tcod-rs][tcod-rs]] as UI library and [[https://github.com/slide-rs/specs][specs]] as the entity-component system. It is licensed with the free license [[./LICENSE.txt][GNU GPL v3]].

** Is It Any Fun at All? Probably, not. At this point the main goal is to practise game development with Rust.

** How Can I Help? You can help by doing the following:

  • Playing the game and providing feedback.
  • Sharing it online to get others to play it too.

At this point there are no gamedev tasks waiting for volunteers.

  • How to Play?

Currently there are no pre-compiled binaries or packages. See [[*Development Setup][Development Setup]] for instruction to compile and run locally.

  • Screenshots ** 11 August 2019 [[./screenshots/20190811.gif]]

** 28 April 2019 [[./screenshots/20190428.gif]]

  • Development Setup
  1. Checkout [[https://github.com/muhuk/z-buffer-game/][git repository]].

  2. Install dev packages required for libtcod:

    #+BEGIN_SRC sh sudo apt-get install gcc g++ make libsdl2-dev #+END_SRC

  3. Build:

    #+BEGIN_SRC sh cargo build #+END_SRC


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