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Don't you love when you accidentally tap your Yubikey when you have your IRC client in focus and you send 987947 into Libera? Want to be able to have that experience without having to reach all the way over to your laptop's USB port? Now you can!

17 releases

0.2.14 Sep 23, 2023
0.2.13 May 29, 2023
0.2.12 Jan 14, 2023
0.2.11 Oct 1, 2022
0.1.0 May 1, 2017

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GPL-3.0 license


yubibomb is a Rust command line tool that prints out a random number that is formatted like a 6-digit yubikey token. You can use it to pretend to accidentally press your Yubikey while your IRC client has the keyboard focus! Usage example:

$ yubibomb

This project is available on crates.io.



yubibomb returns fake HOTP tokens so you can paste them into IRC.