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Don't you love when you accidentally tap your Yubikey when you have your IRC client in focus and you send 987947 into Libera? Want to be able to have that experience without having to reach all the way over to your laptop's USB port? Don't want the complexity of installing and using the yubibomb CLI tool? Now you can use yubibomb as a service!

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0.0.15 Jan 21, 2023
0.0.14 Oct 1, 2022
0.0.13 Jun 19, 2022
0.0.12 Mar 9, 2022
0.0.1 Jan 27, 2019

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ybaas (Yubibomb as a Service) is a Rust microservice that gives you a hosted yubibomb so your users don't have to deal with the complexities of installing and using the command line tool itself. You can use it to pretend to accidentally press your Yubikey while your IRC client has the keyboard focus! Usage example:

$ curl http://localhost:3030/hotp

This project is available on crates.io.



ybaas is available on DockerHub for x86_64 systems. You can run it with podman or docker. For example:

$ podman run -d --net=host docker.io/bowlofeggs/ybaas:latest
$ curl http://localhost:3030/hotp


Linux x86_64 executables are available from GitHub at https://github.com/bowlofeggs/ybaas/releases.

Build from source

You can install Rust, and then build it from source yourself:

$ git clone git@github.com:bowlofeggs/ybaas.git
$ cd ybaas
$ cargo build --release
$ ./target/release/ybaas &
$ curl http://localhost:3030/hotp


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