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yet another jq wrapper

A lightweight and portable Rust implementation of the common jq wrapper; yq for doing arbitrary jq style queries on YAML documents.


Via cargo:

cargo install yjq

or download a prebuilt from releases either manually, or via binstall:

cargo binstall yjq

Note: Depends on jq being installed.


  • arbitrary jq usage on yaml input with same syntax (we pass on most args to jq)
  • handle multidoc yaml input (vector of documents returned)
  • unpack yaml tags (input is singleton mapped recursively)
  • allows converting jq output to YAML (-y) or TOML (-t)


Use as jq either via stdin:

$ yq '.[3].kind' -r < test/deploy.yaml

$ yq -y '.[3].metadata' < test/deploy.yaml
  app: controller
name: controller
namespace: default

or from a file arg (at the end):

$ yq '.[3].kind' -r test/deploy.yaml
$ yq -y '.[3].metadata' test/deploy.yaml

Stdin is always used if it's piped to.

Advanced Examples

Select with nested query and raw output:

$ yq '.spec.template.spec.containers[].image' -r < test/grafana.yaml

Select on multidoc:

$ yq -y '.[] | select(.kind == "Deployment") | .spec.template.spec.containers[0].ports[0].containerPort' test/deploy.yaml

Escaping keys with slashes etc in them:

yq -y '.updates[] | select(.["package-ecosystem"] == "cargo") | .groups' .github/dependabot.yml

Argument Priority

All arguments except output selectors such as -y or -t are passed on to jq.

Convention; put yq arguments at the front, and jq arguments at the back. If it complains put a -- to separate the argument groups.

Explaination: arg parsers are generally struggling with positional leftover arguments containing flags because they lack concepts of "our flags" and "their flags" and will try to match them together. This means combining yq and jq flags into a single arg will not work, and why a convention to explicitly separate the two args exists. Normally the separation is inferred automatically if you put a normal jq query in the middle, but if you don't have any normal positional value arg, you can put a -- trailing vararg delimiter to indicate that all remaining flags are for jq;

yq -y -c '.[3].kind' < test/deploy.yaml # fails; implicit separation is not detected for a flag first
yq -y '.[3].kind' -c < test/deploy.yaml # works; implicit separation detected after positional
yq -yc '.[3].kind' < test/deploy.yaml # fails; cannot combine of yq and jq args
yq -y -- -c '.[3].kind' < test/deploy.yaml # works; explicit separation

Output Caveats

Output formatting such as -y for YAML or -t for TOML will require the output from jq to be parseable json. If you pass on -r for raw output, then this will not be parseable as json.


Only YAML/TOML is supported (no XML - PRs welcome). Shells out to jq. Does not preserve YAML tags (input is singleton mapped recursively). No binary builds on CI yet.


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