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Alternative macro for building Html in Yew.


This example represents the root App component of a Yew application. It shows interpolation in text nodes, interpolation in attributes, multiple nodes in the root of the macro, shortened tag closing, using tags in match expressions.

use yew::prelude::*;
use yew_alt_html::ah;

enum LoadState {

pub fn App() -> Html {
    let name = "Yew";
    let italic_style = "font-style: italic";

    use LoadState::*;
    let state = Loaded;
    let items = vec![1, 2, 3];
    ah! {
        <h1 style=italic_style>"Hello " name "!"</>
        match state {
            Loading => "Loading...",
            Failed => "Load failed!",
            Loaded => <p>"Welcome to "<code>"yew-alt-html"</>"!"</>,
            for item in items {

Why another html!?

This crate experiments on creating a macro that would be easier to use. For this, the html! syntax that was a bit cumbersome to use is replaced by direct usage of values in ah!.

Following problems should be solved by this crate:

  • Having to use {} inside tags even when values are simple literals.
  • Having to wrap attributes in {} (mind that shorthand still uses { variable }).
  • Having to repeat generics (Yew-only) and tag names (not very HTML to omit, but still neat to have considered) when closing tags.
  • Having to use fragment <></> when using multiple nodes in the macro root.
  • Not being able to use match just like if.
  • Cumbersome { for ... } notation (fixed in 0.4.0).

Possible issues

Most html! syntax should be supported by the ah! macro. If your code does not work by just replacing html! with ah!, submit an issue.

Some syntax is limited (for example, using > in attributes without an if). Suggested solution would be moving complex values into variables before ah!, or wrapping values in {} braces just like you do in html!.


  • Support for writing tags directly in match cases (requires wrapping the tag in ah! currently), similar to if (fixed in 0.2.0).
  • Not using html! under the hood: adding more checks (that are currently handled by html!) and generating virtual dom manually.
  • Using Diagnostics API whenever it comes out for modifying spans and showing exact error spans instead of making everything red (partially fixed in 0.3.0, still needs more future work with spans).
  • Proper testing. Currently the crate is tested manually on an extensive local project by the crate author.

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