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yet another (deprecated) bit field

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This crate is deprecated

This crate can be replaced with vob if you add this trait to your code:

// u32 is slightly faster for random access w/o any bit operations
pub(crate) type VobU32 = vob::Vob<u32>;

pub(crate) trait GrowingVob {
    /// Will create a new Vob and fill it with `default`
    fn fill(initial_size: usize, default:bool) -> VobU32;
    /// Grow to fit new size, set ´bit´ to ´state´ value
    fn set_grow(&mut self, bit: usize, state: bool) -> bool;
    /// get() with default value `false`
    fn get_f(&self, bit: usize) -> bool;

impl GrowingVob for VobU32 {
    fn fill(initial_size: usize, default:bool) -> Self {
        let mut v = Self::new_with_storage_type(0);
        v.resize(initial_size, default);

    fn set_grow(&mut self, bit: usize, state: bool) -> bool {
        if bit >= self.len() {
            self.resize(bit + 64, false);
        self.set(bit, state)

    fn get_f(&self, bit: usize) -> bool {


Just what the world needed - yet another bit field struct.

This is a small and simple implementation. It only has the basic functionality of a bit field:

  • Set arbitrary bit (if you set the millionth bit the list will use at least 125KB of heap space)
  • Get bit value
  • An iterator over the set bit indices. O(size of container)
  • The container never shrinks.

yabf::Yabf is a std::vec::Vec based bit field

let mut a = Yabf::default();
let mut b = Yabf::with_capacity(12345);
// bits are false by default
assert_eq!(a.bit(45), false);
a.set_bit(12345, true);
assert_eq!(a.bit(12345), true);
b.set_bit(345, true);
assert_eq!(b.bit(345), true);

yabf::SmallYabf is a smallvec::SmallVec based bit field. The struct will be entirely stack allocated if it contains less than 129 bits.

let mut a = SmallYabf::default();
let mut b = SmallYabf::with_capacity(12345);
a.set_bit(45, false);
b.set_bit(12345, true);
assert_eq!(a.bit(45), false);
assert_eq!(b.bit(12345), true);
assert_eq!(a.bit(12345), false);

Rust cargo

yabf::SmallYabf is enabled by default, disable like this:

yabf = {version="0.3",default-features=false}

yabf::SmallYabf is enabled by default

yabf = {version="0.3"}


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