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nightly xtor

Async Actor framework for Rust which is blazing fast and rock solid

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0.9.10 May 30, 2022
0.9.0 May 12, 2022

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MIT license


Xtor: An handler async actor framework.

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Key features

  • small: very small codebase
  • async: allow you to write async code in your actor
  • full featured: we have built-in types such as Supervisor Broker Caller and so on
  • both dynamic and fast: typed message and weak typed event.


add xtor to your library

cargo add xtor

write some code

use anyhow::Result;
use async_trait::async_trait;
use xtor::actor::{context::Context, message::Handler, runner::Actor};

// first define actor
struct HelloActor;
impl Actor for HelloActor {}

// then define message
#[xtor::message(result = "()")]
struct Hello;

// then impl the handler
impl Handler<Hello> for HelloActor {
    async fn handle(&self, _ctx: &Context, msg: Hello) -> Result<()> {
        println!("{:?} received", &msg);

// main will finish when all actors died out.
async fn main() -> Result<()> {
    let hello_actor = HelloActor;
    let hello_actor_address = hello_actor.spawn().await?;
    hello_actor_address.call::<HelloActor, Hello>(Hello).await

project structure

  • src/actor/* for pure async actor implementation
  • src/utils/* for utilities both trait and default implementation such as
    • DefaultBroker
    • DefaultSupervisor
    • Service



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