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Set environment variables across multiple shells with a single configuration file

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Xshe – Cross-Shell Environment Vars

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Xshe allows for setting Shell Environment Variables across multiple shells with a single TOML configuration file.

Instead of writing multiple similar files for each shell you use, you can instead create one file and use it for every shell with xshe!

All you have to do is add a single line to all of your shells' startup scripts, and xshe will set your environment variable across all of them.

To use xshe, you write lines in a xshe.toml file like this (in TOML format):

CARGO_HOME = '~/.cargo'
EDITOR = '$(which nano)'

Create a file like this once and use it everywhere, for every shell! xshe can convert this into the format for every supported shell.

Shells - bash | zsh | fish Coming Soon - elvish | dash | xonsh | tcsh

Usage and Documentation

View Xshe's documentation online at xshe.superatomic.dev or read the offline documentation in the docs/ directory.

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