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Pure Rust implementation of the XSalsa20Poly1305 (a.k.a. NaCl crypto_secretbox) authenticated encryption algorithm

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RustCrypto: XSalsa20Poly1305

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XSalsa20Poly1305 (a.k.a. NaCl crypto_secretbox) is an authenticated encryption cipher amenable to fast, constant-time implementations in software, based on the Salsa20 stream cipher (with XSalsa20 192-bit nonce extension) and the Poly1305 universal hash function, which acts as a message authentication code.

This algorithm has largely been replaced by the newer ChaCha20Poly1305 (and the associated XChaCha20Poly1305) AEAD ciphers (RFC 8439), but is useful for interoperability with legacy NaCl-based protocols.


Security Warning

No security audits of this crate have ever been performed, and it has not been thoroughly assessed to ensure its operation is constant-time on common CPU architectures.



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