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macro xml-schema-derive

Structure generator from XSD source file

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Generate rust code (structures and enum) from XSD


This project depends to other required libraries to start with, add them to your Cargo.toml.


In the entrypoint of your rust project, add these folowing lines:

extern crate yaserde_derive;

use std::io::prelude::*;
use xml_schema_derive::XmlSchema;
use yaserde::{YaDeserialize, YaSerialize};

Then implement the XSD using:

#[derive(Debug, XmlSchema)]
#[xml_schema(source = "path_to_schema.xsd", target_prefix = "my_prefix")]
struct MySchema;

Remark: the MySchema don't need to be public. It serve just as support of information.


source: Source of the XSD - XML Schema. It can be local file (related to the root of the project) or an HTTP resource.
target_prefix: The schema not define any prefix. It the targetNamespace is declared in the schema, this attribute is required.
store_generated_code: Optional attribute for debug purpose. It store the generated Rust code into the file - the attribute value is the output filename.
log_level: To configure the logger level at the the compile time - usefull if the XSD generate some bugs. Values can be error, warn, info, debug, trace.
module_namespace_mapping: map a namespace to a Rust module. It can be present many times to map multiple namespaces to different Rust modules.


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