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Xenon for Rust

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This crate contains Rust bindings to Xenon. Xenon is a middleware that provides a uniform interface to various software systems that are used in the area of scientific and high-performance computing. These bindings are based on gRPC and require a Xenon gRPC server to attach to. Consistency is maintained with Xenon's Java API.



Compute and storage operations can be performed with instances of the Scheduler and FileSystem structs respectivly. Xenon properties, specific to the used adaptor, can be passed to configure the instances (see here).

Two types of credentials are supported: regular username/password combinations and (SSH) certificates.

use xenon::credentials:Credential;
use xenon::compute::Scheduler;
use xenon::storage::FileSystem;

let xenon_endpoint = "http://localhost:50051";
let xenon_properties = None;

let slurm_ssh_host = "remote-server:22";
let slurm_ssh_host_cred = Credential::new_password(

let mut scheduler = Scheduler::create(

let mut filesystem = FileSystem::create(


A selection of compute operations:

Method Description
cancel_job Cancel a job.
get_job_status Get the status of a job.
get_job_statuses Get the status of multiple jobs.
get_jobs Get IDs of all active jobs.
get_queue_names Get the names of the available queues.
get_queue_status Get the status of a queue.
get_queue_statuses Get the status of all queues.
submit_batch_job Submit a batch job.
wait_until_done Wait until a job is done or until it times out.
wait_until_running Wait until a job is running or until it times out.


A selection of storage operations:

Method Description
append_to_file Append bytes to a file.
copy Copy a file.
create_directories Create one or more new directories.
create_directory Create a new directory.
create_file Create a new file.
create_symbolic_link Create a symbolic link.
delete Delete a file.
exists Check if a file exists.
read_from_file Read bytes from a file.
read_symbolic_link Read the target of a symbolic link.
rename Rename a file.
set_permissions Set permissions of a file or directory.
write_to_file Write bytes to a file.


Examples of common compute operations:

use xenon::compute::JobDescription;

// Create a job description.
let job_description = JobDescription {
    executable: Some(String::from("echo")),
    arguments: Some(vec![String::from("Hello, world!")]),

// Submit a batch job.
let job = scheduler.submit_batch_job(job_description).await?;

// Retreive the status of the job.
let job_status = scheduler.get_job_status(job).await?;
println!("Job name: {}", job_status.name);

// Cancel the job, if it not already finished.
let job_status = scheduler.cancel_job(job).await?;

Examples of common storage operations:

// Create a new file, if it not already exists.
let example_file = "./example.txt";
if !filesystem.exists(example_file).await? {

// Append some text to the file.
let text = String::from("Hello, world!\n");
filesystem.append_to_file(text, example_file).await?;

// Read the contents of the file as text.
let bytes = filesystem.read_from_file(example_file).await?;
let text = String::from_utf8(bytes)?;

// Delete the file.
filesystem.delete(example_file, false).await?;

See the examples directory for more examples.


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