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A Cargo plugin and library for building Apple XCFrameworks

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0.1.0-alpha.4 Apr 5, 2023

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This is work in progress and is not ready for use

A Cargo plugin and library for building Apple XCFrameworks from Rust libraries


  • Easily create Apple XCFrameworks from Rust libraries
  • Integrates into the cargo build process. Run it with cargo xcframework with parameters that are almost the same as for cargo build
  • Configuration in Cargo.toml section [package.metadata.xcframework]
  • Currently supports building for iOS, macOS and simulators. If there is interest, watchOS and tvOS can be added as well.

Getting started


cargo install xcframework

If you for any reason needs the bleeding-edge super fresh version:

cargo install --git https://github.com/human-solutions/xcframework


cargo xcframework --help

For setting up your project, have a look at the examples


The built XCFramework is named after the top-level module name declared in the module.modulemap file in the include-dir directory.

A typical such file looks like this:

// The XCFramework will be named 'MyModuleName.xcframework'
module MyModuleName {
    // a header file in the same directory as the modulemap
    header "mylib.h"
    export *

Cargo.toml parameters in section [package.metadata.xcframework].

# Directory where the `module.modulemap` file and the headers are located.
# Note that the modulemap needs to be present in the directory because the
# module name declared in it is used for the framework name.
include-dir = "my-bin-name"

# The library type. Can be staticlib or cdylib
# Optional. This is only necessary if both library types are configured in the
# [lib] sections `crate-type` parameter. Overridden by the command line parameter `--lib-type`.
lib-type = "staticlib"

# Whether to zip the resulting XCFramework
# Optional. Defaults to true.
zip = true

# Enable Cargo to compile the standard library itself as part of a crate graph compilation.
# If enabled either run with `cargo +nightly xcframework`, set the default toolchain to nightly
# or set run `rustup override set nightly` in the project directory.
# Optional. Defaults to false. Requires nightly. Only useful for staticlib's, ignored for cdylibs.
build-std = false

# Whether to build for macOS
# Optional. Defaults to false.
macOS = false

# The macOS target triples
# Optional. Defaults to ["x86_64-apple-darwin", "aarch64-apple-darwin"].
macOS-targets = ["x86_64-apple-darwin", "aarch64-apple-darwin"]

# Whether to build the simulator targets. Not used when building for macOS.
# Optional. Defaults to false
simulators = false

# Whether to build for iOS
# Optional. Defaults to false.
iOS = false

# The iOS target triples
# Optional. Defaults to ["aarch64-apple-ios"].
iOS-targets = ["aarch64-apple-ios"]

# The iOS simulator target triples. Only used if `simulators` and `iOS` are true.
# Optional. Defaults to ["aarch64-apple-ios-sim", "x86_64-apple-ios"]
iOS-simulator-targets = ["aarch64-apple-ios-sim", "x86_64-apple-ios"]

# If there is interest, watchOS and tvOS can be added as well.

The iOS and macOS versions targeted can be set with the environment variables: MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET and IPHONEOS_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET. See apple_base.rs for the default values.


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