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Minimal RPC client for communication with xapi

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Minimal library and CLI client for xapi rpc calls.

The crate provides a small CLI utility to make RPC calls to xapi, and exports a library that exposes some common helpers to create xapi clients (see the documentation on docs.rs). The CLI executable provides an example of use.

The output of the CLI tool is in json, so it can be piped to jq or other json tools for further filtering. For example you can get the uuid and name_label of all VMs with:

xapirpc VM get_all_records | jq '.[]|select(.is_a_template==false)|{uuid, name_label}'

There CLI help should clarify all the supported customisations.

$ xapirpc --help
Minimal xapi xmlrpc CLI client
    xapirpc [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] <class> <method> [args]...
        --compact    Output the result as non-prettified json
        --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information
    -h, --host <host>    XenServer host. Can be passed with the XAPI_HOST env variable.
    -p, --pass <pass>    XenServer host user password. Can be passed with the XAPI_PASSWORD env variable.
    -u, --user <user>    XenServer host user name. Can be passed with the XAPI_USER env variable.
    <class>      Case sensitive value for the xapi class
    <method>     Case sensitive value for the xapi method
    <args>...    Ordered list of arguments for the call (if any). Do not pass a session.

The host, user, and pass value can be manually configured by creating


and adding them in a json object. E.g.

$ cat $HOME/.config/xapirpc/config.prefs.json

To try it, clone this repository and build with cargo build --release or install it using cargo install xapirpc --force.



  • @gaborigloi for porting the library to quicli
  • @Pistahh for fixing the jq example and comments on the code


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