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no-std ws2812-timer-delay

Timer-based driver for ws2812 leds

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0.3.0 Nov 29, 2019
0.2.0 May 3, 2019
0.1.0 Mar 5, 2019

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Ws2812 driver with timer based delays

For usage with the smart-leds crate.

If your timer/micro is to slow (e.g. all/some leds are white or display the wrong color), you may wish to enable the slow feature. It will remove any delay for the high part of the zero bits. This may be too short for some led strips, which may display wrong data. In that case, you might want to clock higher or use another driver.


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Use ws2812 leds with timers

  • For usage with smart-leds
  • Implements the SmartLedsWrite trait

The new method needs a periodic timer running at 3 MHz

If it's too slow (e.g. e.g. all/some leds are white or display the wrong color) you may want to try the slow feature.