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app writingbuddy

A tool to help you create a writing habit

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Uses new Rust 2021

0.15.1 Dec 5, 2022
0.15.0 May 28, 2022
0.14.1 Mar 27, 2022

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Simple command line tool to help you establish a daily writing habit. Use it for journaling, writing your book or doing daily blogging.


  • Uses simple markdown files to store text
  • Define a goal of how many words you want to write
  • Define a goal of how long you want to write
  • 'Strict mode' that does not let you leave before you reach your defined goals
  • A keystroke timer that forces you to keep on writing and will delete your Text if you stop typing for too long.
  • Append text to existing markdown file
  • Define your own title and filename patterns
  • Option to disable backspace key in order to focus on writing

Screenshot of command line interface


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