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app When2Meet-CLI

A lightweight CLI to rapidly generate When2Meet Forms

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When2Meet CLI

Rapidly generate When2Meet forms without ever leaving your dev environment. Built with Inquire + Rust <3

Animated GIF making a demonstration of a questionnaire created with this library. You can replay this recording in your terminal with asciinema play command - asciinema play ./assets/expense_tracker.cast


Install using Cargo:

cargo install When2Meet-CLI


To generate a When2Meet:


Answer the prompts for:

  • Title
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Time Zone (optional)
  • Start Date
  • End Date


  • When2Meet doesn't have a public API, but it was extremely easy to reverse engineer.
  • The API actually has no bound for the date range, so it's possible to create a year-long When2Meet. This isn't possible from the website, which restricts the range to one month. For this reason, the CLI allows for any date range.
  • The entire When2Meet front-end is server-side rendered. The GET and POST requests respond with HTML files.


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