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Binding to the krychu/wfc C library

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0.6.1 Apr 26, 2022
0.5.3 Apr 23, 2022
0.5.2 Mar 27, 2022

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The wfc-rs crate is a wrapper for the krychu/wfc implementation of Wave Function Collapse.

The wfc library is manually wrapped with extern functions, and a small, more ideomatic Rust wrapper is provided.

Note that this is an early, but working version.


Once the crate has been added to Cargo.toml as:

wfc_rs = "0.5"

create a WfcImage with from_vec or from_file:

let image = WfcImage::from_file("data/cave.png")?;

This creates an optional NonNull, which contains a pointer to the underlying WfcImage structure. This structure is a repr(C) struct that matches the 'wfc.h' structure 'wfc_image'.

and then a Wfc structure from this image, as well as the configuration settings:

    let mut wfc = Wfc::overlapping(32, 32, image, 3, 3, true, true, true, true)?;

With this Wfc, you can run an interation with 'run'


and either export an input:


or get the raw pixel data as a Vec:

let bytes = wfc.vec();