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***** WereSoCool !Now In Stereo! ****** Make cool sounds. Impress your friends.

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***** WereSoCool !Now In Stereo! ******

Cool Tests

A language for binaural, microtonal composition built in Rust.

Make cool sounds. Impress your friends/pets/plants.

WereSoCool WereSoCool is a programming language for composing microtonal music geometrically. This language doesn't assume familiarity with either microtonal music or computer programming, but experience with either will certainly help. I recommend starting with the tutorials and when you feel sufficiently confident, try to make some cool things. There's no better way to learn than to make stuff. If you get stuck, feel free to reach out to me weresocool at xasopheno dot com.


Watch/Listen to some examples from the language here.

Make Cool Sounds:


The most recent version of the Macos application can be downloaded here.


Currently on linux, you'll need to compile this locally. See Development.


This does not currently work on Windows...sad panda. If you're interested in using this software on a Windows machine, reach out and I'll work on it.



You'll need Rust. Rust is a great language. Install it with Rustup.

You'll need also need portaudio and lame


brew install portaudio pkg-config lame



sudo pacman -S portaudio pkg-config lame


sudo apt-get portaudio pkg-config lame libmp3lame-dev rpm libasound2-dev


make package



make run


make run_osx

Run with Dev Server

make dev

Run Tests:

make test

Special Thanks:

This wouldn't exist in a million years if it wasn't for Antonis Stampoulis' help with language design or the help of friends/programmers like Sönke Hahn, Hao Lian, Catharine M, Matt Handler, Lee Pender, Amanda Doucette, Khaled Alquaddoomi, Alex Kestner, everyone else that has sat down to program with me, and Originate. Of course, special thanks to Maria for always listening to my new_weird_sounds and programming problems. - Danny


Copyright (C) 2020 - Danny Meyer

This program is free software, licensed under the GPLv3 (see LICENSE).


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