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Attribute macros used by wasmtime_plugin_guest

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A low-ish level tool for easily writing and hosting WASM based plugins.

The goal of wasm_plugin is to make communicating across the host-plugin boundary as simple and idiomatic as possible while being unopinionated about how you actually use the plugin.

Loading a plugin is as simple as reading the .wasm file off disk.

let mut plugin = WasmPluginBuilder::from_file("path/to/plugin.wasm")?.finish()?;

Calling functions exported by the plugin takes one of two forms. Either the function takes no arguments and returns a single serde deserializable value:

let response: ResultType = plugin.call_function("function_name")?;

Or it takes a single serializable argument and returns a single result:

let message = Message::default();
let response: ResultType = plugin.call_function_with_argument("function_name", &message)?;

Exporting a function from a plugin is just a matter of wrapping it in a macro:

fn local_hello() -> String {
    "Hello, host!".to_string()
wasm_plugin_guest::export_plugin_function_with_no_input(hello, local_hello);

API Stability

I am not currently guaranteeing any stability, expect all releases to include breaking changes.


This crate provides attribute macros used by wasmtime_plugin_guest


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