Cargo Features

wasmtime-cli = { version = "18.0.1", default-features = false, features = ["all-arch", "winch", "wmemcheck", "disable-logging", "wasi-nn", "wasi-threads", "wasi-http", "pooling-allocator", "component-model", "wat", "cache", "parallel-compilation", "logging", "demangle", "cranelift", "profiling", "coredump", "addr2line", "debug-builtins", "old-cli", "serve", "explore", "wast", "config", "compile"] }


Features for the Wasmtime CLI executable

Note that many of these features are inherited from Wasmtime itself or otherwise configure the wasmtime crate's execution. Features are provided as compile-time switches to disable functionality primarily if one is interested in configuring binary size and or exploring the binary size implications of various features. Most features are enabled by default but most embeddings likely won't need all features.

default = addr2line, cache, compile, component-model, config, coredump, cranelift, debug-builtins, demangle, explore, logging, old-cli, parallel-compilation, pooling-allocator, profiling, serve, wasi-http, wasi-nn, wasi-threads, wast, wat

These default features are set whenever wasmtime-cli is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

Enables clap


Off-by-default features

These features are off-by-default but may optionally be enabled.

Enables all-arch of wasmtime

depend again on wasmtime to activate its default features for tests


Enables winch of wasmtime


Enables wmemcheck of wasmtime


This feature, when enabled, will statically compile out all logging statements throughout Wasmtime and its dependencies.

Enables max_level_off of log and tracing

wasi-nn default

======================================== On-by-default features

These features are all included in the default set above and this is the internal mapping for what they enable in Wasmtime itself.

Enables wasmtime-wasi-nn

wasi-threads default

Enables wasmtime-wasi-threads

wasi-http default serve = component-model

Enables hyper, tokio, and wasmtime-wasi-http

pooling-allocator default

Enables pooling-allocator of wasmtime and wasmtime-cli-flags

Affects old_cli::CommonOptions.pooling_allocator

component-model default serve wasi-http

Enables component-model of wasmtime, wasmtime-cli-flags, and optional wasmtime-wast

wat default

Enables wat, wat of wasmtime

cache default config

Enables wasmtime-cache, cache of wasmtime-cli-flags

parallel-compilation default

Enables parallel-compilation of wasmtime-cli-flags

logging default

Enables logging of wasmtime-cli-flags

demangle default

Enables demangle of wasmtime

cranelift default compile

Enables wasmtime-cranelift, cranelift of wasmtime-cli-flags

profiling default

Enables profiling of wasmtime

coredump default

Enables coredump of wasmtime-cli-flags

addr2line default

Enables addr2line of wasmtime

debug-builtins default

Enables debug-builtins of wasmtime

old-cli default

Enables compatibility shims with Wasmtime 13 and prior's CLI.

Affects wasmtime-cli::old_cli

serve default = component-model, wasi-http

CLI subcommands for the wasmtime executable. See wasmtime $cmd --help for more information on each subcommand.

Enables http and http-body-util

explore default

Enables wasmtime-explorer

wast default

Enables wasmtime-wast

config default = cache
compile default = cranelift