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no-std wasmparser-nostd

A simple event-driven library for parsing WebAssembly binary files

8 releases (breaking)

0.100.2 Apr 21, 2024
0.100.1 Feb 11, 2023
0.99.0 Feb 1, 2023
0.91.0 Sep 21, 2022
0.82.0 Jan 22, 2022

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This is a fork of the wasmparser crate by the Bytecode Alliance with the sole purpose to add no_std support with a focus on embedded environments.

This crate will be deprecated as soon as the original wasmparser crate itself supports no_std.

Note: As of version 0.99.0 and above the Url type from the url crate was replaced with a simple String in order to port the entire crate to no_std. This is because the complex url crate itself does not support no_std compilation.

The WebAssembly binary file decoder in Rust

A Bytecode Alliance project

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The decoder library provides lightweight and fast decoding/parsing of WebAssembly binary files.

The other goal is minimal memory footprint. For this reason, there is no AST or IR of WebAssembly data.

See also its sibling at https://github.com/wasdk/wasmparser


The documentation and examples can be found at the https://docs.rs/wasmparser/


To fuzz test wasmparser.rs, switch to a nightly Rust compiler and install cargo-fuzz:

cargo install cargo-fuzz

Then, from the root of the repository, run:

cargo fuzz run parse

If you want to use files as seeds for the fuzzer, add them to fuzz/corpus/parse/ and restart cargo-fuzz.