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A parser for the wasmer.toml format used by Wasmer

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0.9.2 Oct 10, 2023
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0.9.0 Sep 29, 2023
0.8.1 Sep 29, 2023
0.5.0 Dec 19, 2022

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The wasmer.toml Format

Continuous Integration

(API Docs)

A parser for the wasmer.toml file used by Wasmer.

For Developers


This repository uses Release Please to automate a lot of the work around creating releases.

Every time a commit following the Conventional Commit Style is merged into main, the release-please.yml workflow will run and update the "Release PR" to reflect the new changes.

For commits that just fix bugs (i.e. the message starts with "fix: "), the associated crate will receive a changelog entry and a patch version bump. Similarly, adding a new feature (i.e. "feat:") does a minor version bump and adding breaking changes (i.e. "fix!:" or "feat!:") will result in a major version bump.

When the release PR is merged, the updated changelogs and bumped version numbers will be merged into the main branch, the release-please.yml workflow will automatically generate GitHub Releases, and CI will publish the crate if necessary.


  1. Use Conventional Commit Messages whenever you make a noteworthy change
  2. Merge the release PR when ready to release
  3. Let the automation do everything else


This project is licensed under the MIT license (LICENSE or http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT).

It is recommended to always use cargo crev to verify the trustworthiness of each of your dependencies, including this one.


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