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This crate is the general abstraction for creating Engines in Wasmer.

Wasmer Engines are mainly responsible for two things:

  • Transform the compilation code (from any Wasmer Compiler) to create an Artifact,
  • Load anArtifact so it can be used by the user (normally, pushing the code into executable memory and so on).

It currently has three implementations:

  1. Universal with wasmer-engine-universal,
  2. Native with wasmer-engine-dylib,
  3. Object with wasmer-engine-staticlib.

Example Implementation

Please check wasmer-engine-dummy for an example implementation for an Engine.


This project borrowed some of the code of the trap implementation from the wasmtime-api, the code since then has evolved significantly.

Please check Wasmer ATTRIBUTIONS to further see licenses and other attributions of the project.


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