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The wasmer-cache crate allows to cache WebAssembly modules (of kind wasmer::Module) in your system, so that next uses of the module does imply a compilation time.


The Cache trait represents a generic cache for storing and loading compiled WebAssembly modules. The FileSystemCache type implements Cache to store cache on the file system.

use wasmer::{DeserializeError, Module, SerializeError};
use wasmer_cache::{Cache, FileSystemCache, Hash};

fn store_module(module: &Module, bytes: &[u8]) -> Result<(), SerializeError> {
    // Create a new file system cache.
    let mut fs_cache = FileSystemCache::new("some/directory/goes/here")?;

    // Compute a key for a given WebAssembly binary
    let hash = Hash::generate(bytes);

    // Store a module into the cache given a key
    fs_cache.store(hash, module.clone())?;



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