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interface for actors to generate random numbers and guids (wasmcloud:builtin:numbergen)

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wasmCloud Number Generator Interface

This is the interface definition for the wasmCloud built-in interface that is guaranteed to be supported by all runtime hosts, wasmcloud:builtin:numbergen. The number generator interface provides for the creation of things like random numbers, random numbers within a given range, and globally unique identifiers (GUIDs).

Capability Provider Implementations

There are no external implementations of this provider as all implementations of the wasmcloud:builtin:numbergen contract are built directly into the host runtime(s).

This interface defines the wasmCloud built-in logging interface that comes with each of our supported host runtimes. Actors that use this interface must have the capability contract wasmcloud:builtin:numbergen in their claims list (wash claims sign --cap wasmcloud:builtin:numbergen).

Example Usage

🦀 Rust

use wasmbus_rpc::actor::prelude::*;
use wasmcloud_interface_logging::info;
use wasmcloud_interface_numbergen::{generate_guid, random_32, random_in_range};

async fn generate_random() -> Result<(), RpcError> {
    // Generate a Globally Unique ID (GUID)
    let guid: String = generate_guid().await?;
    info!("Generated GUID: {}", guid);
    // Generate a random u32
    let random_num: u32 = random_32().await?;
    info!("Generated number: {}", random_num);
    // Generate a random u32 within an inclusive range
    let random_range: u32 = random_in_range(0, 55).await?;
    info!("Generated number between 0 and 55: {}", random_range);

🐭 Golang

import numbergen "github.com/wasmcloud/interfaces/numbergen/tinygo"

func GenerateThings(ctx *actor.Context) (string, error) {
  client := numbergen.NewProviderNumberGen()

  // Generate a random U32
  randNum, _ := client.Random32(ctx)
  // Generate a random U32 within an inclusive range
  randNum010, _ := client.RandomInRange(ctx, numbergen.RangeLimit{Min: 0, Max: 10})
  // Generate a Globally Unique ID (GUID)
  guid, _ := client.GenerateGuid(ctx)
  return "", nil


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