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interface for actors to generate random numbers and guids (wasmcloud:builtin:numbergen)

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wasmCloud API Interfaces

This repository contains the wasmCloud contract interface definitions (defined in the Smithy IDL) for those interfaces that are defined and supported by the wasmCloud team. These interfaces are definitely not the only interfaces available, as teams and companies can create their own private or bespoke interfaces as desired.

Smithy IDLs and Shared Libraries

Each interface is defined in a file with the .smithy extension. If the folder contains a codegen.toml file, a library and/or html documentation can be automatically generated from the .smithy file.

More information on code generation and the codegen.toml files is in the weld crate

The docs folder in this repository is published to github pages at Wasmcloud Interfaces, and contains copies of the interfaces available for direct download, and html generated documentation.

For more information on Smithy, see

For more on wasmcloud, see


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