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📦✨ wasm-pack

Your favorite Rust → Wasm workflow tool!

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Built with 🦀🕸 by The Rust and WebAssembly Working Group


This tool seeks to be a one-stop shop for building and working with rust- generated WebAssembly that you would like to interop with JavaScript, in the browser or with Node.js. wasm-pack helps you build rust-generated WebAssembly packages that you could publish to the npm registry, or otherwise use alongside any javascript packages in workflows that you already use, such as webpack.

This project is a part of the rust-wasm group. You can find more info by visiting that repo!


🔮 Prerequisities

This project requires Rust 1.30.0 or later.

⚡ Quickstart Guide

Visit the quickstart guide in our documentation.

🎙️ Commands

  • new: Generate a new RustWasm project using a template
  • build: Generate an npm wasm pkg from a rustwasm crate
  • test: Run browser tests
  • pack and publish: Create a tarball of your rustwasm pkg and/or publish to a registry

📝 Logging

wasm-pack uses env_logger to produce logs when wasm-pack runs.

To configure your log level, use the RUST_LOG environment variable. For example:

RUST_LOG=info wasm-pack build

👯 Contributing

Read our guide on getting up and running for developing wasm-pack, and check out our contribution policy.

🤹‍♀️ Governance

This project is part of the rustwasm Working Group.

This project was started by ashleygwilliams and is co-maintained by ashleygwilliams, drager and the Rust Wasm Working Group Core Team.


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