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A CLI tool for warping from one directory to another

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Warp Directory

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A warp-dir-like tool, written in Rust.

Think of this as a folder-navigation super-charge tool that you’d use on a most frequently-used set of folders. This becomes really useful if you are often finding yourself going into a small number of deeply nested folders with a long path prefix.


/home/me/a/b/c/d/> wd add foo
/home/me> cd
/home/me> z foo
/home/me/a/b/c/d/> # Huzzah!
/home/me/a/b/c/d/> wd help

Usage: wd [OPTIONS] [target] [PATH] [COMMAND]

  add     Adds the current working directory to your warp points
  remove  Removes the given warp point
  list    Print all stored warp points
  show    Show the path to given warp point (pwd)
  clean   Remove points warping to nonexistent directories
  shell   Subcommands for hooking into the shell
  help    Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)

          Warps to the directory specified by the warp point

          Possible values:
          - foo:       /home/me/a/b/c/d


Why rewrite it in Rust?

  • for fun!
  • I encountered some issues, semiregularly, where it would fail to load/execute correctly until opening a new shell (presumably due to it being written in bash).
  • Additional shell support


Essentially, this tool should act like a drop-in replacement for warp-dir in most cases.

At time of writing, most commands are implemented, although the CLI options will not work identically.

Notably, the default config lookup location is different! By default it will look at $XDG_DATA_HOME/wd/config. This can be configured with the $WD_CONFIG environment variable, which is also respected by the original warp-dir project.

Shell Support

Currently explicitly supported shells include: zsh, bash, and fish. The scaffolding exists to support other shells, which should make supporting other common shells that might require "$SHELL" specific behavior.

Changing the shell's directory requires a minimal amount of shell code to be executed, so after installing the binary (suggestion below), you will need to add add a hook to your bashrc/zshrc/config.fish, etc.

  • bash eval "$(wd --shell bash shell init)"
  • zsh eval "$(wd --shell zsh shell init)"
  • fish wd --shell fish shell init | source

Depending on the level of similarity to the above shells, you may be able to get away with using one of the above shell init hooks until explicit support is added


Additionally, you can generate CLI completions with wd shell completion, and write them to the appropriate location for your shell.

This should enable autocompletion of the warp directory target names!


With Cargo

cargo install warp-dir

Download Release

  • Download a pre-built binary from Releases


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