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A CLI for quickly access WallHaven API for downloading wallpapers

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0.1.0 Aug 25, 2022

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Wallhaven is CLI for downloading quickly and easily wallpaper from Wallhaven using their API


Set API key

wallhaven --set-api "asdjj188371jjasdGGJASUUEWQJ8" 

Search without API key and query

wallhaven -q "anime +cat" -s VIEWS -x 110 -a 1920x1080 -p ~/.Pictures/wallpapers

Search without API key and color

wallhaven -C 0066cc -s FAVORITES -a 1920x1080 -p ~/.Pictures/wallpapers

Search with API user preferences

wallhaven -q "nature -mountain" -s TOPLIST -p ~/.Pictures/wallpapers

Search overwriting API user preferences with given preferences (one use)

wallhaven -q "mountain" -n -c 101 -p ~/.Pictures/wallpapers

Search as non-user ignoring API stored user

wallhaven -q "mountain" -n -c 101 -p ~/.Pictures/wallpapers



You can install the binary crate directly

cargo install wallhaven 

Manual Installation:

you can clone wallhaven repo and build it locally

git clone https://github.com/dax99993/wallhaven
cd wallhaven 
cargo install --path .


  • API key support
  • Downloading progress bar
  • Overwrite API preferences but keep NSFW from API.
  • Made with love <3


  • Replace the love in exchange for good code.
  • Refactor Code
  • Add more helpful argument description and examples
  • Learn about async code to implement it correctly.


  • I'm new in Rust so, a lot of unclean and ugly code.
  • If you create a good version similar to this program please notify me at dax99993@gmail.com, i want to see a good code example of this program.




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