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A basic command line utility to generate a basic module for VPlugin

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0.1.0 Dec 11, 2022

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vplugin-init is a command line utility to create new plugin templates, compatible with the VPlugin framework. It supports Rust and C/C++ support is under development too. This program supports the VPlugin 1.0 Module specification, and Rust support is also available.

vplugin-init will NOT make use of Cargo since there is no API to use it, unless we fall back to std::process::Command which is a really bad trick. If you wish to use Cargo, then first initialize the directory with Cargo and then run vplugin-init.


You can simply clone this repository and then build using Cargo:

$ git clone https://github.com/AndroGR/vplugin-init.git && cd vplugin-init/
$ cargo install --path .

This assumes ~/.cargo/bin is in your PATH variable.


In order to create a new plugin, you should run vplugin-init, passing the data required:

$ vplugin-init --name example-plugin --version 0.1.0 --directory example-plugin/ 

Parameters are as follows:

  • --name: The name of your plugin.
  • --version: The version of your plugin.
  • --directory: The directory to create the plugin (Will be created if it doesn't exist.)


This software is licensed under the GNU GPLv3. For more details, see COPYING.


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