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A sampling profiler as a library. Particularly oriented towards shipping software where symbols need to be hydrated later.

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(Still needs to be published to crates.io. Also needs better documentation.)

Vignette is a sampling profiler as a library.

sample profile screenshot

The primary use case is to ship it linked to your application in a release configuration. While most sampling profilers require debugging symbols in the binary being profiled, vignette does not have that requirement. It is specifically designed to capture un-symbolicated profiles, which can be resolved externally, usually on another machine.

This is very useful for desktop applications running on machines outside developer control. The application can profile itself at certain points and upload profiles to a telemetry server.


The Linux profiling process is implemented end-to-end. I know how to implement it on Windows and Mac, but haven't gotten around to writing the backends yet.

Sample workflow

Integrate vignette

Link vignette into your application. For non-Rust applications, a C FFI interface still needs to be written (contributions welcome!).

Then use the Profiler struct at points in your program where you'd like to capture a profile. See examples/sample_once.rs for how to do this.

A larger example is this fork of the Game of Life from Rayon.


During the build process, debugging information that are generated is saved on servers, then stripped from the release binary.

Vignette currently only supports the use of the breakpad .sym format, but it uses the symbolic crate and can conceivably support other input formats.

Use the src/bin/generate_symbols.rs binary that wraps dump_syms (from Breakpad) on your binaries, or directly run dump_syms on all your libraries to generate sym files.


Write the profile somewhere and upload it/request it from a user somehow.

Resolve symbols

Using the breakpad symbols generated before, and the profile, resolve the instruction pointers in the samples to function and file names. src/bin/resolve.rs can do this.

This will generate a resolved json file. An example is profiles/rayon-life.resolved.vignette.

Viewing profiles

Right now vignette only outputs to a format understood by Speedscope. The src/bin/speedscope.rs binary will convert a resolved profile to a speedscope file. This can be loaded into the website. An example is profiles/rayon-life.speed.


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Contributions are welcome!

Any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.


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