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Platform-agnostic Rust driver for the VEML6040 RGBW color light sensor

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Rust VEML6040 RGBW Color Sensor Driver

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This is a platform agnostic Rust driver for the VEML6040 RGBW color light sensor, based on the embedded-hal traits.

This driver allows you to:

  • Enable/disable the sensor.
  • Set the integration time.
  • Set the measurement mode.
  • Trigger a measurement when on manual mode.
  • Read the red channel measurement.
  • Read the green channel measurement.
  • Read the blue channel measurement.
  • Read the white channel measurement.
  • Read measurement of all channels at once.

The device

VEML6040 color sensor senses red, green, blue, and white light and incorporates photodiodes, amplifiers, and analog / digital circuits into a single chip using CMOS process. With the color sensor applied, the brightness, and color temperature of backlight can be adjusted base on ambient light source that makes panel looks more comfortable for end user's eyes. VEML6040's adoption of Filtron TM technology achieves the closest ambient light spectral sensitivity to real human eye responses. VEML6040 provides excellent temperature compensation capability for keeping the output stable under changing temperature. VEML6040's function are easily operated via the simple command format of I2C (SMBus compatible) interface protocol. VEML6040's operating voltage ranges from 2.5 V to 3.6 V.

Datasheet: VEML6040

Application note: VEML6040 AN


To use this driver, import this crate and an embedded_hal implementation, then instantiate the device.

Please find additional examples using hardware in this repository: driver-examples

use linux_embedded_hal::I2cdev;
use veml6040::Veml6040;

fn main() {
    let dev = I2cdev::new("/dev/i2c-1").unwrap();
    let mut sensor = Veml6040::new(dev);

    let red = sensor.read_red_channel().unwrap();
    let green = sensor.read_green_channel().unwrap();
    let blue = sensor.read_blue_channel().unwrap();
    let white = sensor.read_white_channel().unwrap();

        "Measurements: R: {}, G: {}, B: {}, W: {}",
        red, green, blue, white


For questions, issues, feature requests, and other changes, please file an issue in the github project.


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