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a minimimalist CLI task-management tool that includes task scheduling, event planning, daily agenda, and pomodoro timer

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Vayu is a productivity supercharger for engineers. The end goal for the tool is to have a multipurpose tool with various tools such as task and note storage, task management, and a pomodoro study timer. As a computer engineering student at UIUC, having an organized optimized system is critical. I hope to bring that to others with vayu.

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The best way to install vayu is via cargo which comes with an installation of rust. For installation of rust navigate to https://www.rust-lang.org/tools/install.

Then in Windows PowerShell or the approriate Terminal for your OS type in: cargo install vayu

To check if vayu has been installed properly open a new terminal window and type: vayu list

If there is an empty list then congratulations the installation was successful! If not ensure rust is included in your path variable as explained on the rust installation page.

Usage and Examples

to view a list of current tasks use:

vayu list

to add a task with natural language:

vayu auto "task description (some description of date)"

to mark tasks as done:

vayu done id where id is the listed id of the task viewable through vayu list

to use the pomodoro timer:

vayu pomo iterations work_session_time break_session_time

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Deprecated Features

The following tools have better alternatives on the market currently and have hence are in a legacy state.

  • Event Planner
  • Main Dashboard


vayu wouldn't be possible without several great rust crates. For a full list of dependencies please checkout the Cargo.toml file.


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