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Rust front-end framework for building web apps.

Valerie is still in a very early phase. A lot of features are not available at the moment. A lot of work is left and you are welcome to try it out.

  • No Virtual DOM.
  • UI can be made in a simple manner, by following an MVVM architecture rather an MVC architecture.
  • Use state variables to update the UI where required.
  • Written without any unsafe code.


  • Every UI element has to implement the Component trait.
  • A page is a function which returns a Node.
  • Two type of State variables
    • StateAtomic for types implementing Copy.
    • StateMutex for types implementing Clone.

Setting up

  • Run cargo new --lib some_name
  • Add valerie to the dependencies
  • Create a static directory and create an index.html inside it
<!doctype html>
<html lang="en">
        <meta charset="utf-8">
        <script type="module">
            import init from "./wasm.js"
  • Also in the Cargo.toml enable lto.
lto = true
opt-level = 3
  • Compile it using wasm-pack by running wasm-pack build --target web --out-name wasm --out-dir ./static
  • Use some server, like miniserve, to host the ./static folder and try it out.

Take a look at wasm-pack docs for more options.


Hello world

use valerie::prelude::components::*;
use valerie::prelude::*;

fn ui() -> Node {
    h1!("Hello World").into()

pub fn run() {

Add and Subtract one using a Button

use valerie::prelude::components::*;
use valerie::prelude::*;

fn ui() -> Node {
    let value = StateAtomic::new(0isize);

        h1!("Value ", value.clone()),
        button!("Add 1")
            .on_event("click", value.clone(), move |x, _| {
                *x += 1;
        button!("Subtract 1")
            .on_event("click", value.clone(), move |x, _| {
                *x -= 1;

pub fn run() {

Time Counter

use valerie::prelude::components::*;
use valerie::prelude::*;
use wasm_timer::Delay;

fn ui() -> web_sys::Node {
    let timer = StateAtomic::new(0);

    execute(time(1, timer.clone()));

    p!("Seconds passed: ", timer).into()

async fn time(n: u64, mut timer: StateAtomic<usize>) {
    while Delay::new(core::time::Duration::from_secs(n))
        .is_ok() {
            timer += 1;

pub fn run() {

There are more examples in the examples directory.

Missing features

  • Library support for CSS.
  • Using States for CSS.
  • Routing and multi-page support.
  • Global Variables for Multiple Pages.

Issues and Contributing

Pick out some issues and start contributing. Our contribution guidelines are available here.


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