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A command-line application to manage unity versions. This tool allows to install and manage multiple unity versions on a system from the command-line. This tool is compatible with Unity-Hub and will use the installation destination configured there by default.

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install with brew

brew tap wooga/tools
brew install wooga/unity-version-manager

To build from source a recent version of rust is needed > 1.30. You should use rustup.

install from source with cmake

git clone git@github.com:Larusso/unity-version-manager.git
cd unity-version-manager
make install

install from source with cargo

git clone git@github.com:Larusso/unity-version-manager.git
cd unity-version-manager
cargo build --release
#symlink or move binaries in target/release


The uvm (unity-version-manager) is a collection of small command-line tools. Each command can be invoked through the main tool uvm.

Version handling

The main purpose of uvm was the management of multiple unity installations on macOS. The idea was to have a similar interface as rvm to activate and deactivate different unity installations. This is done by creating a symlink at the default unity installation location (/Applications/Unity on macOS).

command description
use Use specific version of unity.
clear Remove the link so you can install a new version without overwriting.
current Prints current activated version of unity.
list List installed unity versions

Version installation

These commands allow the installation and deinstallation of Unity versions with additional components.

command description
install Install specified unity version.
uninstall Uninstall specified unity version
versions List available Unity versions to install.

Miscellaneous commands

command description
detect Find which version of unity was used to generate a project
launch Launch the current active version of unity.
help Prints help page for command.


Apache License 2.0


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