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Lower-level API for interfacing with the unc Protocol via JSONRPC

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Lower-level API for interfacing with the unc Protocol via JSONRPC.

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Each one of the valid JSON RPC methods are defined in the methods module. For instance, to make a tx request, you start with the tx module and construct a request using the methods::tx::RpcTransactionStatusRequest struct.

use unc_jsonrpc_client::{methods, JsonRpcClient};
use unc_jsonrpc_primitives::types::transactions::TransactionInfo;

let mainnet_client = JsonRpcClient::connect("https://archival-rpc.mainnet.unc.org");

let tx_status_request = methods::tx::RpcTransactionStatusRequest {
    transaction_info: TransactionInfo::TransactionId {
        hash: "9FtHUFBQsZ2MG77K3x3MJ9wjX3UT8zE1TczCrhZEcG8U".parse()?,
        account_id: "miraclx.unc".parse()?,

// call a method on the server via the connected client
let tx_status = mainnet_client.call(tx_status_request).await?;

println!("{:?}", tx_status);

Check out the examples folder for a comprehensive list of helpful demos. You can run the examples with cargo. For example: cargo run --example view_account.


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