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It is UNC <-> Ledger transport

Provides a set of commands that can be executed to communicate with UNC App installed on Ledger device:

  • Read PublicKey from Ledger device by HD Path
  • Sign a Transaction


Get PublicKey from Ledger

use unc_ledger::get_public_key;
use slip10::BIP32Path;
use std::str::FromStr;

let hd_path = BIP32Path::from_str("44'/397'/0'/0'/1'").unwrap();
let public_key = get_public_key(hd_path).unwrap();
println!("{:#?}", public_key);


To convert the answer into unc_crypto::PublicKey do:

let public_key = unc_crypto::PublicKey::ED25519(

How to sign a transaction

use unc_ledger::{sign_transaction, SignTarget};
use unc_primitives::borsh::BorshSerialize;
use slip10::BIP32Path;
use std::str::FromStr;

let hd_path = BIP32Path::from_str("44'/397'/0'/0'/1'").unwrap();
let borsh_transaction = unc_unsigned_transaction.try_to_vec().unwrap();
let signature = sign_transaction(SignTarget::BorshUnsignedTx(borsh_transaction), hd_path).unwrap();
println!("{:#?}", signature);


To convert the answer into unc_crypto::Signature do:

let signature = unc_crypto::Signature::from_parts(unc_crypto::KeyType::ED25519, &signature)
    .expect("Signature is not expected to fail on deserialization");

Executable examples

Get version

RUST_LOG=info cargo run --example get_version

Get PublicKey from Ledger


RUST_LOG=info cargo run --example get_public_key_display


RUST_LOG=info cargo run --example get_public_key_silent

Get WalletID from Ledger

RUST_LOG=info cargo run --example get_wallet_id

Sign a transaction


RUST_LOG=info cargo run --example sign_transfer


export RUST_LOG=info
cargo run --example sign_create_account
cargo run --example sign_delete_account_short
cargo run --example sign_delete_account_long
cargo run --example sign_delete_key_ed25519
cargo run --example sign_delete_key_secp256k1
cargo run --example sign_stake
cargo run --example sign_add_key_fullaccess
cargo run --example sign_add_key_functioncall
cargo run --example sign_deploy_contract
cargo run --example sign_functioncall_str
cargo run --example sign_functioncall_bin
cargo run --example sign_functioncall_str_parse_err
cargo run --example sign_batch_all_actions

Sign a NEP-413 message

RUST_LOG=info cargo run --example sign_nep_413_message

Sign a NEP-366 delegate action

RUST_LOG=info cargo run --example sign_nep_366_delegate_action


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