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Oil is a graphical user interface library for Rust with video games in mind. It is designed around three languages to describe your user interface:

  • A markup language
  • A style language
  • A dependency description language

Now you've got it right? It definitely looks pretty similar to HTML and CSS. Of course there's a non goal of redoing a web browser here. That's not the point.

This library's goals are completely different from a web browser engine such as servo. The key idea behind familiarity is the ease of learning while bringing (trying) the good part from web development for game development with Rust.

Okay, now a few more things to keep in mind before getting started:

  • The library is young and still in its early development stage. Don't expect speed yet.
  • A video game in development is currently using Uil, leading the design decisions for Uil. It essentially means some feature might be set as lower/higher priority because of the main project.
  • Contributions are welcomed !


oil = "*"

For a concrete example, you should have a look at the examples in the examples/ folder.


This library does not allow to do many things right now. In the future, you'll have:

  • fonts support
  • User events such as mouse/key
  • Data-bindings
  • Animations


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