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udmp-parser: A Rust crate for parsing Windows user minidumps

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This is a cross-platform crate that parses Windows user minidump dumps that you can generate via WinDbg or via right-click Create memory dump file in the Windows task manager.


The library supports Intel 32-bit / 64-bit dumps and provides read access to things like:

  • The thread list and their context records,
  • The virtual memory,
  • The loaded modules.

Compiled binaries are available in the releases section.


The parser application is a small utility to show-case how to use the library and demonstrate its features. You can use it to dump memory, list the loaded modules, dump thread contexts, dump a memory map various, etc.


Here are the options supported:

parser.exe [-a] [-mods] [-mem] [-t [<TID>|main]] [-dump <addr>] <dump path>

  Show all:
    parser.exe -a user.dmp
  Show loaded modules:
    parser.exe -mods user.dmp
  Show memory map:
    parser.exe -mem user.dmp
  Show all threads:
    parser.exe -t user.dmp
  Show thread w/ specific TID:
    parser.exe -t 1337 user.dmp
  Show foreground thread:
    parser.exe -t main user.dmp
  Show a memory page at a specific address:
    parser.exe -dump 0x7ff00 user.dmp




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