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This program analyzes a json file produced with typos and makes commits for each correction

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typos-git-commit is a command line tool that processes a typos generated json file to :

  1. correct typos in detected files (via sed)
  2. make a commit at each correction (via a simple git commit command)

It has been written for a one shot project but one may find it to be useful.


  • Generate a json file with typos, for instance: typos doc/ --exclude *.py --exclude *.js --format json >typos.json
  • In the directory of the repository use typos-git-commit : typos-git-commit --filename typos.json. This command will correct only typos with more than 5 (by default) characters and the ones that got only one correction proposal. To modify the minimum length one may use --minlen or -m option.
  • Review carefully the generated commits even if everything is done to mitigate errors when replacing typos there are situations where this correction is really an error.


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