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⚗️ Superfast CLI for the conventional commits commit format

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⚗️ Superfast CLI for the conventional commits commit format

❓ What is resin?

resin is a CLI (command-line interface) tool that makes it easy to create commit messages that follow the conventional commit format. Here is a little demo:


This demo will create the following commit message:

feat(config): add crates.io fields

✨ Features

🚩 Flags

resin has three flags:

  1. --help (-h) -> display a help message to the terminal
  2. --all (-a) -> run git add . before committing the changes
  3. --push (-p) -> run git push after committing the changes

Super simple and easy to use!

⚙️ Configuration

📖 Scopes

You can configure resin to have your custom scopes. Below is an example config:

scopes = ['docker', 'github actions']

✍️ Sign-off message

You can also have a sign-off message that is based off the contents of your ~/.gitconfig file:

sign = true

This will create a message that will automatically be added to the bottom of your commit message:

Signed-off-by: Matt Gleich <git@mattglei.ch>

📁 Location

This file can be stored in ~/.config/resin/config.toml or on a per-project basis by putting it at the root of the project with the same name. You can see a demo of this for this project

🚀 Install

You can install resin using cargo:

cargo install resin

🙌 Contributing

We would love to have you contribute! Please read the contributing guide before submitting a pull request. Thank you in advance!

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