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Rust client for txtai

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txtai is an all-in-one embeddings database for semantic search, LLM orchestration and language model workflows.

This repository contains Rust bindings for the txtai API.


Add the following lines to your project Cargo.toml file:

txtai = { version = "7.1" }
tokio = { version = "0.2", features = ["full"] }

This adds txtai as a dependency as well as tokio given txtai uses async io.


The examples directory has a series of examples that give an overview of txtai. See the list of examples below.

Example Description
Introducing txtai Overview of the functionality provided by txtai
Extractive QA with txtai Extractive question-answering with txtai
Labeling with zero-shot classification Labeling with zero-shot classification
Pipelines and workflows Pipelines and workflows

txtai.rs connects to a txtai api instance. See this link for details on how to start a new api instance.

Once an api instance is running, do the following to run the examples.

git clone https://github.com/neuml/txtai.rs
cd txtai.rs/examples/demo
cargo run


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