Cargo Features

two-face = { version = "0.4.0", default-features = false, features = ["syntect-onig", "syntect-fancy", "syntect-default-onig", "syntect-default-fancy"] }
default = syntect-onig

syntect can't compile without a regex implementation, so we match its default of onig

syntect-onig default syntect-default-onig?

A minimal set of syntect features with the onig regex implementation

Enables regex-onig of syntect

syntect-fancy syntect-default-fancy?

A minimal set of syntect features with the fancy regex implementation

Enables regex-fancy of syntect

syntect-default-onig = syntect-onig

Toggles on syntect's default-onig feature

Enables default-onig of syntect

syntect-default-fancy = syntect-fancy

Toggles on syntect's default-fancy feature

Enables default-fancy of syntect