Cargo Features

twitch_api2 has no features set by default.

twitch_api2 = { version = "0.6.1", features = ["all", "client", "unsupported", "deny_unknown_fields", "trace_unknown_fields", "serde_json", "helix", "tmi", "surf", "ureq", "reqwest", "pubsub", "eventsub", "hmac", "mock_api"] }
all = client, eventsub, helix, hmac, pubsub, time, tmi, tracing, twitch_oauth2
client all? reqwest? surf? ureq? = twitch_oauth2

Enables futures and hyper ^0.14.18



Affects helix::client, errors::ClientRequestError, twitch_api2::client, client::HelixClient, tmi::TmiClient, twitch_api2::TwitchClient


Enables raw_value of optional serde_json


Provide a RawValue type that can hold unprocessed JSON during deserialization.

Affects pubsub::channel_cheer, pubsub::channel_sub_gifts, pubsub::community_points, pubsub::following, pubsub::hypetrain, pubsub::raid, pubsub::video_playback

trace_unknown_fields = tracing

Enables serde_ignored

serde_json eventsub? helix? pubsub? tmi?

Enables serde_json and serde_path_to_error

Affects twitch_api2::DeserError, twitch_api2::parse_json, twitch_api2::parse_json_value

helix all? = serde_json

Enables async-trait, hyper ^0.14.18, and typed-builder ^0.10.0

Affects twitch_api2::helix, twitch_api2::TWITCH_HELIX_URL, twitch_api2::TwitchClient.helix, client::HelixClient, twitch_api2::TwitchClient

tmi all? = serde_json

Enables hyper ^0.14.18 and serde_path_to_error

Affects twitch_api2::tmi, twitch_api2::TWITCH_TMI_URL, twitch_api2::TwitchClient.tmi, tmi::TmiClient, twitch_api2::TwitchClient

surf = client

Enables http-types, surf, surf_client of twitch_oauth2 ^0.6.1, stream of optional hyper ^0.14.18

ureq = client

Enables ureq

reqwest = client

Enables reqwest ^0.11.4, reqwest_client of twitch_oauth2 ^0.6.1

pubsub all? = serde_json

Affects twitch_api2::pubsub, twitch_api2::TWITCH_PUBSUB_URL

eventsub all? = serde_json

Enables typed-builder ^0.10.0

Affects eventsub::EventSubSubscription, endpoints::eventsub, twitch_api2::eventsub

hmac all?

Enables hmac and sha2


Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

twitch_oauth2 all? client? reqwest? surf?

Enables twitch_oauth2 ^0.6.1

tracing all? trace_unknown_fields?
time all?