Cargo Features

twitch_oauth2 has no features set by default.

twitch_oauth2 = { version = "0.13.0", features = ["all", "client", "reqwest", "surf_client_curl", "surf", "mock_api"] }
all = reqwest, surf_client_curl
client reqwest? surf?

Enables async-trait

Affects twitch_oauth2::client, errors::AppAccessTokenError, errors::RevokeTokenError, errors::RefreshTokenError, errors::UserTokenExchangeError, errors::ImplicitUserTokenExchangeError, tokens::TwitchToken.refresh_token, tokens::TwitchToken.validate_token, tokens::TwitchToken.revoke_token

reqwest all? = client

Enables reqwest

surf_client_curl all? = surf

Enables curl-client of surf

surf surf_client_curl? = client

Enables surf, hyperium_http of http-types

Affects client::SurfError