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A Total War series pack file library

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A Total War series pack file library. The pack file specification is available here.


A library to create/manipulate Total War PackFiles.

Modern Total War games (since Empire: Total War) have their data packed inside .pack files. This library allows you to open those PackFiles and manipulate them however you want.

Not all Modern Total War games are supported yet. The supported ones are:

  • Warhammer 2.
  • Warhammer.
  • Attila.
  • Rome 2.
  • Arena.

Games that will be supported in the future are:

  • Shogun 2.
  • Napoleon.
  • Empire.
  • Thrones of Brittania.
  • Three Kingdoms.

Keep in mind that this lib only gives you the ability to open and edit PackFiles. If you want to edit the PackedFiles inside (like editing a value in a table), that's not covered by this lib.